Friday, September 3, 2010

Synchronizing a SharePoint 2007 Document Library with SharePoint Workspace 2010

Synchronizing SharePoint Document Libraries is a great way to enable both offline access and redundancy.  I don’t need to worry about accessing my files while offline, and I also sleep easy knowing there are two copies of my data, both of which are easy for me to access (as opposed to trying to get a tape backup, for instance).

I recently tried to synchronize a SharePoint 2007 Document Library using SharePoint Workspace 2010 (formerly Groove).  This was not allowed, however.  I received the message below:


Yikes!  I have to wait until SharePoint 2010 is deployed before I can benefit from this?  Do I have to find the Groove 2007 install bits and try to revert back?

The answer is, thankfully, no.  The way to get around this is to create a Groove Workspace instead…


… and pick 2007 as the Workspace version (I have not confirmed if 2010 will also work) …


… then use the SharePoint Files tool …


… to point to a library on the server (Click the Setup button and enter the URL to your Document Library) …


I can sleep easy again!

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  1. This does NOT work if a certificate/a password is used for Sharepoint access.
    Unfortunately only unprotected Sharepoints can be accessed in the described way.