Thursday, September 15, 2011

Review: Plantronics Blackwire C435-M

This is the first device review I have done for this blog, and my inspiration comes from the great posts over at VoIPNorm’s blog.  Thanks, Chris!

Also, please note, since my last post I have joined the wonderful team at Microsoft Canada.  Please take a quick peek at the Disclaimer in the side bar of this blog.

Get on with it, man!

OK, OK, so I recently acquired the new Plantronics Blackwire C435-M and it really is the headset I’ve been waiting for.

First off, this is a corded headset optimized for Microsoft Lync, which immediately makes it awesome.  But why do I like it so much?  First of all, it provides an over-the-ear wearing experience, either one ear or two, with a very light feel and an extended boom microphone for great pick-up.  Second, it comes with a sturdy and also light carrying case.

So I don’t have to worry about a headband messing up my stylish (!) hair and I get a great always-on experience (as opposed to potential dead time if a wireless headset isn’t charged when you need it).

The Details

Let me take you for a tour around this great headset.


First of all, it’s optimized for Microsoft Lync so it’s plug and play via USB.  You’ll notice a handy Velcro wrap to keep the cord tidy.  Further along the cord you’ll find the call control buttons including answer/hang-up, volume up and down, and mute microphone.  I tend to use the desktop controls on my PC, but it’s handy to have these nonetheless.

You’ll see the two ear buds, but as you look along the cord you first come to a very nice feature – a clip.  I have found this to be very useful to take the (albeit minimal) load off my ears and onto my shirt, again increasing the comfort of long-term wear.

Finally, you see the two ear buds, one with the extended microphone and one with just the earpiece.  These can be worn on either ear and there are multiple ear bud styles and sizes included to fit your ear.

Finally, below is a picture of the very handy, sturdy and lightweight carrying case which is really important in my opinion.  This is where shortcuts are often made but Plantronics has thankfully not succumbed to the temptation.



So great job, Plantronics, and I think you will find a good market for this particular device at it’s price point of around $99.  Microsoft Lync allows for partners to create unique solutions for many use cases, and here is another great example IMHO.  Comments are most welcome.

From Plantronics

Meet the first corded headset designed for Unified Communications that’s as discreet as it is professionally sound. The headset’s modular over-the-ear design can be worn with two ear buds for stereo, or converted to one ear bud for mono use depending on the user’s preference. The ultra-discreet design and superior audio quality you’ve come to expect from Plantronics make this headset ideal for video conferencing, PC telephony and multi-media applications. Even more, it comes with a rugged protective carrying case so you can easily take it with you. With the Blackwire 435, you don’t have to compromise between style and sound quality.


  1. Mark,
    Thanks for the review of the Plantronics 435. I've spent my entire Sunday morning trying to figure out a wired USB headset to buy for a couple of use-cases including compatibility with my Cisco UC client, PC VoIP clients, etc. I think this is the one I'm going to try because of the mobility of the solutions.

  2. Plantronics Wireless Headsets are too good and high class. Provide us a high defination sound and wideband technology makes voice clear and natural.