Monday, January 23, 2012

The Importance of User Experience

I will be presenting at the upcoming Know Your Alternatives conference in Toronto on February 9, 2012.  If you’re in town I hope you can join me as I speak about the importance of a Simplified User Experience to user adoption and capturing a full return on your UC investment.  I will post again after the event with a summary of my presentation and links to some useful materials.

For now, a teaser…

Simplified User Experience

Two powerful advantages that Microsoft Lync enjoys over the competition are:

  1. An intuitive and easy-to-understand user experience
  2. Native and seamless integration into the applications we use every day, such as Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook, and the rest of the Office Suite.

This is a huge factor is ensuring better, faster, and broader user adoption.

Who Cares?

Technology adoption is a constant challenge for many reasons including difficulties breaking habits and keeping up with today’s fast pace of change.  Users can become frustrated quite easily … can you relate to this?


So What?

Poor adoption of new technology has many negatives effects extending from user frustration and confusion, to lost productivity, and ultimately leading to an altogether negative perception of IT and the value it brings to the organization.


How Can You Help?

Please come to my session and/or read my follow-up post for my thoughts on the importance of a simplified user experience, how Microsoft Lync provides it, and how you can get the most out of your UC investments.