Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Microsoft updates RCC supportability statement

In the document outlining supportability between Cisco and Microsoft, including:

  • Direct SIP Interoperability
  • Cisco UC Integration for Microsoft Office Communicator
  • Remote Call Control

…there has been a recent adjustment.  Previously, Remote Call Control (RCC) was only to supported for existing customers in the next version of Communications Server.  But the document has been updated to include new customers as well.

It only goes so far as to say it is supported for the next version – Communications Server “14”.

I see this more as a concession that customers need a bit more time to move away from their standard desk phones, and not as an indication of a go-forward plan to always include and support the RCC scenario.

RCC is a key component to help in the early adoption of Microsoft UC, but it represents a model that is completely counter to Microsoft’s PC-centric communications model, and I would be surprised if support remains in the next version of Communications Server.

Alas, for now this is a good sign, I think, that will only help in removing barriers in adoption of Microsoft’s communications and collaborations vision.

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